If you are reading this I am sure you have really liked my blog and want to know a bit of me.

My name is Ankita. I started writing blogs since I was in my 11th grade as I got my first computer that time. It was a second hand computer my father bought for 5k from his office. If he wouldn’t have bought it, I am not sure if I ever would have written a blog or might as well took up my first job in the Digital world. Blogging made me curious about the Adsense and hence the Digital Advertising world came into picture and finally that became my Career.

You must be thinking if I started blogging in 11th grade why this blog starts in 2018? Cause I quit writing and closed my earlier blog which was alive for 6 years. That blog was more of a personal blog however I am not sure what I am gonna do with this one, hoping for something interesting though.

Beside being very narcissit I travel, eat a lot ( reason for such a huge body) and love to put forward my opinion. I love everything which makes me look beautiful and cute or may be sometime hot. Not a typical girl, but try to pretend to be one.

I have struggled with depression and anxiety, had multiple nervous breakdown and also tried to kill myself. Funny thing, I am still doing good and while I am typing I have this big smile on my face.

Well, thats me. 🙂

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