Can’t keep Calm, as GIRF is back!!!

Food is culture and habit. Food is identity and belonging. And in a multi-cultural city like Mumbai, food is sentiment. If there is food, there is civilisation. Food is obviously the most important part of our lives. We love our food and experiment with different cuisines and styles all the time. It makes us happy as our tummy is happy.

“Why do we eat?”, If you think that the answer to this question is easy-peasy lemon-squeezy, then settle down because your world is about to turn upside down. We obviously eat to fill ourself but we also eat for our satisfaction, for the very fact that we will be getting a lot of varieties to try and indulge with passing days or may be all at once… did someone say Buffet??!!


But it gets difficult at times to pick up the right food from the right places and I don’t even want to start about the various times of my life when I just don’t know what to eat. Mostly when you have friends over and you really don’t want to get wrong with the food because ouch, it hurts!

Having said that we sometimes worry about the monetary involvement and often seek out for places with some discounts and offers as it soothes our pocket. Well who wouldn’t consider the fact that good food always comes with the price. But, worry not lads, as I know of something which is going to blow your mind.


It’s time to party now and eat what you like, what you like and how much you like. Interesting right?! The Great Indian Restaurant Festival is back with a bang. August is going to be my favourite month where I’l feed my soul. #MonthOf More means a lot of food while saving your cash.

This time the party is bigger and better with over 8000+ restaurants across 17 cities. Back with the mantra of flat 50% off everything, GIRF is the perfect food paradise. How cool is that? Now you don’t have to go around the block stealing other people’s money. Keep an eye on their Flash Sales to buy deals at only Rs. 11!


You might run out of days to eat, but you will never run out of #MonthOfMore. You can start buying your deals from 27th July. The earlier, the better because everyone loves them some good deals and there are only so many. If you are a Gourmet Passport member, you get early access to the deals from 24th July. So, if you don’t have the membership already, getting one now would be a great idea. So download the app now and your seat reserved now! Hurry Up. Limited seats only. Offer Valid till 1st Septemeber 2019.

Happy Hogging Fellas!!

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